Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th, Monday

We spent a quiet day at Nana's. I finished all my homework....finally. I had to go buy the book "Tuck Everlasting" because I had forgotten it. I updated my blogs and only have a few more photos to upload. Tomorrow is my final day in the car. A long, long day driving. We finished book 3 of Percy Jackson Sunday and will start book 4 tomorrow. I can't wait to see my pupsters and even the evil squirrel Bert.  Hope my fish, Survivor, is still alive.

Back to school Wednesday.

Good night y'all as they are always saying down her.


Sunday, June 5th

Today was spent once more in the car! We left Savannah and ended the day in Williamsburg at Nana's. Every place we stopped for food was VERY, VERY slow.

Will upload photos soon...problems with the computer...maintenance on Blog Site uploads.

June 4th, Saturday: The Wedding

The wedding was short and beautiful. There were white roses everywhere. We kept one. The reception was at the country club. It was loud music with a live band. People danced the entire time. 

For Food: They had prime rib, make your pasta, fruit and cheese, shrimp and crab claws surrounding an ice sculpture, and fries and burgers. Each room had a corner with something different in it. Near the end they brought around grilled cheese and milk shakes. Of course they had wedding cake. The white bride's cake was much better tasting...sorry Brian!

I spent most of my time helping with the photo booth. They had an old fashipned photo booth that people would dress up take their photos and put them right on a scrap book page that Brian and Leonora could have right after the wedding. Somebody liked my scrap book page so much, I wrote "She Roxs your Sox," that they took  mom and my photo off and put theirs on it instead. 

Brian and Leonora had glow necklaces, fun sun glasses and flip flops for everyone. The flip flops were a really good idea...since my feet hurt.

St. John's Episcopal Church in Historic Savannah (No pictures were allowed in the church.)
 Mom and Me
 The Groom's Cake had to be The Carolina Tarheel's Basketball Court of Course!!!
 Brian and Leonora
 Nana is Rockin' It
 Cutting the Wedding Cake

 Brian and his mom, Nancy
 Nancy and John, the Groom's Parents
 Nana and Neil (Dr. Bubba Victor's Leonora's uncle)
 Our Family in part:
Nancy, John, Nana, Mom, Neeny, and Sarah B.
 Dr. Banny Lesesne and Sarah B. 
(Banny is John's brother and Sarah is John's Daughter...So Brian's Uncle and Sister)
 Me...dancing with Aunt Nancy
 Leonora and Brian go to the limo while people throw white rose petals at them.
4 Generations of Elliotts

Ashlin's Math Homework assigned by Sarah

During our trip, we kept track of the mileage and driving times. Ashlin's assignment was to do some math. I'm posting the assignment and Ashlin will post the answers later. (Ashlin will email the answers to Mr. Saber and will post them on the blog after returning to Potsdam.)

Information collected:

Location                                                  Odometer Reading                       Time arrived/Departed
Day 1
Leaving Potsdam Departure                       53741                                         6:37 am Departure
New York/Pennsylvania Border                 53969                                         11:17 am Arrive               
Pennsylvania/Maryland Border                   54201                                         3:00 pm Arrive
Maryland/West Virgina Border                  54213                                         3:33 pm Arrive
West Virgina/ Virgina Border                     54239                                         4:02 pm Arrive
Virginia/ Nana's House (Williamsburg)       54433                                          7:32 pm Arrive

Day 2
Nana's House Departure                            54433                                         8:48 am Depart
Nana's House/North Carolina Border        54553                                          10:53 am Arrive
North Carolina/South Carolina Border       54734                                          1:20 pm Arrive
South Carolina Border/ Florence, SC        54787                                           2:00 pm Arrive

Day 3
Florence, SC Departure                             54787                                         10:18 am Departure
Florence,SC/Georgia Border                     54962                                          2:15 pm Arrive
(Savanna is on the Georgia border.)                                                              (Subtract 40 minutes for lunch)

Homework Assignment:

Part 1: How Many Miles Did we Drive in each state?

1. Potsdam to the Pennsylvania Border?
          HINT: New York/Pennsylvania Odometer Reading Minus the Potsdam Odometer Reading
2. Pennsylvania to the Maryland Border?
3. Maryland to the West Virgina Border?
4. West Virgina to the Virgina Border?
5. Virginia Border to Nana's House?
6. How many miles did we drive on Day 1?

Day 2
7. Nana's House to the North Carolina Border?
8. Miles driven in Virginia?
           HINT: Add Question 5 and 7 together.
9. North Carolina to South Carolina Border?
10. South Carolina Border to Florence, SC?

Day 3
11. Florence, SC to Georgia?
12. How many miles were driven in South Carolina?
            HINT: Add Questions 10 and 11 together.

13. How many miles were driven all 3 days?
           HINT: Take the Georgia Mileage and subtract the Potsdam Mileage.


1. How long did we spend driving from Potsdam to Nana's House?

2. How long did it take driving from Nan's House to Florence?

3. How long did it take from Florence to Savannah? (Don't forget to subtract lunch.)

4. How long did we spend in the car to get to Savanna from Potsdam?

PART 3: Mileage and Gas

Given the following:
  • $51.40 to fill the car
  • 14.282 Gallons of gas to fill the car
  • 314.6 Miles driven since the last fill.
1. How many miles did we drive for each gallon of gas?

              HINT: Miles driven since the last fill divided by Gallons of gas to fill the car.

2. How much did we pay for a gallon of gas?

             HINT: Cost to fill the car divided by gallons of gas to fill the car.

Saturday, June 4th: The Juliette Gordon Lowe Birthplace

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house, but we bought postcards I can bring to school to show anyone that wants to see it.

 Me... in front of the house.
 This porch was added in the early 1900's.
 These are the gates that were at the Lowe house. The house we visited was the Gordon House. Juliette learned black smithing and made these gates. When her husband was going to divorce her and kicked her out for another woman, she decided to take the gates with her. She ended up a widow since her husband died of a stroke before the divorce could be finalized.

 Mom in front of a gate that has the beginning of Girl Scouts listed as 1912 and Juliette Gordon Lowes name.
This isn't at the Gordon house, but it is a Federal Building named after Juliette Gordon Lowe. It is one of only 3 federal buildings in the United States named after a woman.

June 4th: The Peacemaker

We explored this ship. It was docked in front of the restaurant we had lunch in. It was big and had many rooms. We were not allowed to see the crew quarters. They were probably messy. This ship belongs to the 12 tribes. The youth bought and refinished it. it now sails around and uses donations from visitors to fund it.

 The ramp bounced as we walked up and down it.

 The captains cabin.
this is the very top.
 Pic of mom. She's squinting because of the sun.
Captains cabin

June 4th: The Sights of Savannah

There were many of these statues around town, but this is one of the only ones dedicated to a lowly sergeant. He was a man that saved many others even though he was mortally wounded.

These carriages were all around town ready take visitors on tours.
The Georgia Queen

 The trolley my mom and I went on when we went on our tour.  It as HOT! We had to fan ourselves with paper fans. There were 14 stops we could get on and off at.
 This was a giant globe we saw on our way to the party Friday night. Not sure what it was there for.
 This is the "Waving Girl." This woman stood by the shore when her love sailed off. She promised him to wave to every ship that came and left until he returned. She was still waving when she died 44 years later. SAD!
 The town has police officers on horse back.

This is the restaurant mom and I ate at. The stairs were funny. There was a bucket in the middle of the table to throw shells into. I thought that was cute. I had the shrimp and corn chowder and the crab legs. Mom had a crab cake and fresh pecan pie. Everything is caught locally here and tastes different than we have at home.
 This fountain was in front of the restaurant. The wheel on the boat actually spins with the water. There was a lady sitting near here that was making roses out of palms. She said that they used to use them for weddings as those flowers did not die ad could last forever.

 This building must have been an aspirin factory at some point in history. A lot the buildings had markers like these.
The graveyard trolley was funny.  We road it for a little bit going from one stop to another. We wanted to take a tour, but the tours were during the evening when we had to be at the parties.

This old cotton factory is now an art college. It is used to teach students and help to renovate the town. On the other side of the building is where Tom Hanks sat on a bench waiting for the train in the movie "Forrest Gump."

June 4th: Foliage around Savannah

Spanish Moss grow everywhere in Savannah. It grows on most of the trees blocking out the light and harming the tree. It lives on water, sun and dust.

(Somehow I couldn't get the photos that I turned to stay turned when I posted them...Sorry about that.)

 These bushes were all over the place and were every color imaginable.
 This is a Magnolia Blossom. It smells wonderful. Georgia is filled with Magnolia Trees that are HUGE! You can see how big one blossom is compared to Ashlin's hand.

 These bushes were also around the town.  They had so many different colors. These flower bunches were on the same bush.

This fountain was on our tour route. The bird was getting a drink.

This large plant looks like an aloe plant. It is located at the Juliette Gordon Lowe Birth Place.