Monday, June 6, 2011

June 3rd, Friday: Vernon Play House

This playhouse is right outside the Vernon House where the party was held.

 outside: I'm a living doll!
  back wall
left wall
right wall


  1. Those are cute puppies! and one big playhouse!...Kelsea
    The dogs’ pictures were nice…Josh
    That’s a huge playhouse…Paige
    That is my dream house!!!!...Hannah
    How big was the doll house?...Isabelle

  2. Kelsea-yup
    Josh- what I think is that those paintngs were their dogs before
    Paige- yupperdoodles
    Hannah- mabey if you were 3 feet
    Izzy- about 5 2 inside
    cant wait to see every body tomarow