Monday, June 6, 2011

Ashlin's Math Homework assigned by Sarah

During our trip, we kept track of the mileage and driving times. Ashlin's assignment was to do some math. I'm posting the assignment and Ashlin will post the answers later. (Ashlin will email the answers to Mr. Saber and will post them on the blog after returning to Potsdam.)

Information collected:

Location                                                  Odometer Reading                       Time arrived/Departed
Day 1
Leaving Potsdam Departure                       53741                                         6:37 am Departure
New York/Pennsylvania Border                 53969                                         11:17 am Arrive               
Pennsylvania/Maryland Border                   54201                                         3:00 pm Arrive
Maryland/West Virgina Border                  54213                                         3:33 pm Arrive
West Virgina/ Virgina Border                     54239                                         4:02 pm Arrive
Virginia/ Nana's House (Williamsburg)       54433                                          7:32 pm Arrive

Day 2
Nana's House Departure                            54433                                         8:48 am Depart
Nana's House/North Carolina Border        54553                                          10:53 am Arrive
North Carolina/South Carolina Border       54734                                          1:20 pm Arrive
South Carolina Border/ Florence, SC        54787                                           2:00 pm Arrive

Day 3
Florence, SC Departure                             54787                                         10:18 am Departure
Florence,SC/Georgia Border                     54962                                          2:15 pm Arrive
(Savanna is on the Georgia border.)                                                              (Subtract 40 minutes for lunch)

Homework Assignment:

Part 1: How Many Miles Did we Drive in each state?

1. Potsdam to the Pennsylvania Border?
          HINT: New York/Pennsylvania Odometer Reading Minus the Potsdam Odometer Reading
2. Pennsylvania to the Maryland Border?
3. Maryland to the West Virgina Border?
4. West Virgina to the Virgina Border?
5. Virginia Border to Nana's House?
6. How many miles did we drive on Day 1?

Day 2
7. Nana's House to the North Carolina Border?
8. Miles driven in Virginia?
           HINT: Add Question 5 and 7 together.
9. North Carolina to South Carolina Border?
10. South Carolina Border to Florence, SC?

Day 3
11. Florence, SC to Georgia?
12. How many miles were driven in South Carolina?
            HINT: Add Questions 10 and 11 together.

13. How many miles were driven all 3 days?
           HINT: Take the Georgia Mileage and subtract the Potsdam Mileage.


1. How long did we spend driving from Potsdam to Nana's House?

2. How long did it take driving from Nan's House to Florence?

3. How long did it take from Florence to Savannah? (Don't forget to subtract lunch.)

4. How long did we spend in the car to get to Savanna from Potsdam?

PART 3: Mileage and Gas

Given the following:
  • $51.40 to fill the car
  • 14.282 Gallons of gas to fill the car
  • 314.6 Miles driven since the last fill.
1. How many miles did we drive for each gallon of gas?

              HINT: Miles driven since the last fill divided by Gallons of gas to fill the car.

2. How much did we pay for a gallon of gas?

             HINT: Cost to fill the car divided by gallons of gas to fill the car.

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  1. Wow, this is great! I almost want to tackle these problems myself, just to see if I can still do it. ;)