Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 2nd Ashlin's post

Today was a "here and there" day I came from the hotel that looks like apartment rooms with a pool that is two inches shorter than me, to a fabulous hotel with lots of terraces. After that I was off to the Rehearsal Dinner.

The hotel is great. There are pictures on the walls, an amazing pool outside. And I get to see family that I haven't seen in a couple years.

The dinner was great, I got to meet Leonora's family. I already know Brian's... I'm his cousin. I had prime rib for dinner and a brownie for desert.


 P.S. I will post pictures later

 Our Hotel in South Carolina

 There were palms along the highway.
 We were on the 9th floor...the pool was on the roof of the 1st floor.
This is the Hilton Desoto Hotel in Savannah.
 View from the balcony.

 Night time in Savannah from the Balcony.


  1. You like brownies? I love brownies!...Shea
    Ummm…prime rib sounds good!...Brooke
    Whose brownies were better – the chef’s or mine?...Carson
    Yum, brownies….Serhiy
    I want your brownie so badly….Isabelle
    Brownies are yummy in my tummy (spoken in the voice of a two-year old)…Danny
    Me want brownies (the voice of Cookie Monster?)…Declan
    Awesome, brownies….Jared
    Is your cousin nice? is his wife’s family nice too?...Josh
    Now I want a cookie!...Hannah
    I was afraid that if we got to our comments after lunch that the brownie idea would keep coming up. The weather here is beautiful. Your classmates miss you and are anxious for your return….Mr. Saber

  2. Shea- yeah air blow it up
    Brook-It was good
    Carson- yours
    Serhiy-This time you're right
    Isabelle- no you don't
    Danny- Epicness
    Declan- If you're a Bert/Ernie fan you're awesome
    Jared- Not these ones
    Hannah- same