Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday, June 4th: The Juliette Gordon Lowe Birthplace

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house, but we bought postcards I can bring to school to show anyone that wants to see it.

 Me... in front of the house.
 This porch was added in the early 1900's.
 These are the gates that were at the Lowe house. The house we visited was the Gordon House. Juliette learned black smithing and made these gates. When her husband was going to divorce her and kicked her out for another woman, she decided to take the gates with her. She ended up a widow since her husband died of a stroke before the divorce could be finalized.

 Mom in front of a gate that has the beginning of Girl Scouts listed as 1912 and Juliette Gordon Lowes name.
This isn't at the Gordon house, but it is a Federal Building named after Juliette Gordon Lowe. It is one of only 3 federal buildings in the United States named after a woman.


  1. Do you know the names of the other two federal buildings named after women?...Mr. Saber
    She actually made the fence?...Paige
    Who’s a good husband…apparently no Juliette’s!...Serhiy
    Do you know how long it took her to make those gates?...Brooke
    It must have been a real treat to see her house since you are a Girl Scout and your mom is a Girl Scout leader…Josh
    What did the gates lead to?...Isabelle

  2. I love the porch that was added on -- so beautifully Southern.....