Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday's post a little late

 It reminded me that I need to contact Megan about riding Austin and Indy again. I miss riding.


On the way home from our camping trip we stopped at a horse competition in Crary Mills. All the horses were decked out in a little bling, had ribbons braided through their mains and/or tails, and were being groomed and washed to make sure they looked perfect for their showing. The saddles are English saddles (no horn to hold onto). We toured the barns and tack rooms as well as the indoor practice ring. The riders were dressed for competition. Several Potsdam students were competing. The competitors were both kids, teens and adults.

The first 2 pictures are Champ, Arian and Kyle's Horse. Arian came in Fourth during her ride, but we didn't get a chance to watch Kyle.


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  1. I want a pony! and I want it tomorrow (Ashlin, this is Mr. Saber – I’m not sure you can help her, but…)...Shea
    Horses are fun. They are sometimes smelly, but fun to ride….Danny
    How did they make the heart on Champ – were they stickers or something else?...Declan
    Do you ride horses Ashlin?...Kelsea
    You’ll probably never want to come back after what has happened – have a great rest of your trip…Isabelle
    Wow, that’s so cool. My sister Maddie rides a horse named Merlot….Hannah