Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday's Pics


 West Point and Fort Bragg were 2 military complexes we passed by on our drive today.
 These yellow flowers were between the highway throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We are not sure what they are. We asked and were told they are not daffodils, but they might be some kind of tulip.

Ashlin has decided the car we found at the hotel will be hers when she gets older, but hers will be teal...of course! This car was parked near our hotel in South Carolina. We spent the night in Florence. We swam in the outdoor pool in the afternoon. Our pool actually has palm trees near it.



  1. So you are actually going to get a car!?!...Declan
    If you are in South Carolina, how can you have palm trees?...Shea
    Do the people at Fort Bragg brag a lot?...Hannah
    If you get a car, get a ’69 Fastback…Bailey
    Don’t get a ’69, get a ’68 Fastback…Jared
    What’s with you and the military?...Serhiy
    Palm trees are fun…Danny
    Get a Corvette instead of a fastback…Declan
    (Ashlin, this is Mr. Saber…obviously there are a lot of different opinions about the kind of car you should get. My advice – get a car that runs :-))

  2. Declan- no I was making fun of the car
    Shea- I don't know I guess they just grow there
    Hannah- I don't know I've never been there
    Baily- Uh, yeah, no
    Jared- Maybe
    serhiy- nothing this was Moms post I'm into sarcasm
    Danny- You scare me sometimes
    Declan- When I get a car I will most likely get an equinox or a punch bug
    Mr. Saber- Ha, Yeah really
    P.S. I change my mood answering so if you need help ask Izzy