Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tuesday's Pics

There were also tanks. I want to go inside them someday. On the drive today, we saw a giant roller skate. We went by it and couldn't get a pic.


 We passed a military museum on our way through Maryland or West Virginia that we want to stop at some time in the future.
 The top picture is of the mountain side in Pennsylvania, the bottom scene is the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Virginia. Can you tell why it's called that?

 Neeny drove through the only section of construction with bumper to bumper traffic. What took us 45 minutes to drive, should only have been 15 minutes.
At a rest stop in Virginia, we came across this butterfly. We thought it was alive, but it was not. We looked it up and found that it is a Two-Tailed Swallowtail. Three of it's tails are shortened. It was recently named the state butterfly for Arizona.


  1. I think the helicopter picture was cool!...Bailey
    That butterfly looks so cool. Are you going to post pics of the wedding you are going to?...Brooke
    The butterfly looks alive…Paige
    How cool did the Blue Ridge Mountains look to you?...Josh
    It sounds like you are having a lot of fun…Makenzie
    The butterfly looks real to me. Are you sure you didn’t step on it?...Carson
    I’ve seen a butterfly that looks exactly like that one. How many tanks did you see?...Matthew

  2. Baily- Yeah I thought so.
    Brook- Yes.
    Paige-That's what I thought But I picked it up and it was dead. Monday I found one like that alive but it had been injured and couldn't live more than a day.
    Josh- blue ridged.
    Makenzie- Yep.
    Carson- Yes.
    Mathew- I don't know I think there were two in front
    Danny- Got that right