Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4th: The Sights of Savannah

There were many of these statues around town, but this is one of the only ones dedicated to a lowly sergeant. He was a man that saved many others even though he was mortally wounded.

These carriages were all around town ready take visitors on tours.
The Georgia Queen

 The trolley my mom and I went on when we went on our tour.  It as HOT! We had to fan ourselves with paper fans. There were 14 stops we could get on and off at.
 This was a giant globe we saw on our way to the party Friday night. Not sure what it was there for.
 This is the "Waving Girl." This woman stood by the shore when her love sailed off. She promised him to wave to every ship that came and left until he returned. She was still waving when she died 44 years later. SAD!
 The town has police officers on horse back.

This is the restaurant mom and I ate at. The stairs were funny. There was a bucket in the middle of the table to throw shells into. I thought that was cute. I had the shrimp and corn chowder and the crab legs. Mom had a crab cake and fresh pecan pie. Everything is caught locally here and tastes different than we have at home.
 This fountain was in front of the restaurant. The wheel on the boat actually spins with the water. There was a lady sitting near here that was making roses out of palms. She said that they used to use them for weddings as those flowers did not die ad could last forever.

 This building must have been an aspirin factory at some point in history. A lot the buildings had markers like these.
The graveyard trolley was funny.  We road it for a little bit going from one stop to another. We wanted to take a tour, but the tours were during the evening when we had to be at the parties.

This old cotton factory is now an art college. It is used to teach students and help to renovate the town. On the other side of the building is where Tom Hanks sat on a bench waiting for the train in the movie "Forrest Gump."


  1. Run Forrest…run!...Hannah
    What was the woman in the waving statue holding?...Matthew
    That story really was sad about the woman who died waiting for her husband to return….Declan
    Nothing like a box of chocolates….Carson “Gump” Regan

  2. You've captured some really great sights of Savannah on here -- I'm impressed! I was there several years ago and was lucky enough to go on a horse-drawn carriage ride around town. If I remember correctly, our horses' names were Ladybug and Dick -- and they were so sweet!