Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4th, Saturday: The Wedding

The wedding was short and beautiful. There were white roses everywhere. We kept one. The reception was at the country club. It was loud music with a live band. People danced the entire time. 

For Food: They had prime rib, make your pasta, fruit and cheese, shrimp and crab claws surrounding an ice sculpture, and fries and burgers. Each room had a corner with something different in it. Near the end they brought around grilled cheese and milk shakes. Of course they had wedding cake. The white bride's cake was much better tasting...sorry Brian!

I spent most of my time helping with the photo booth. They had an old fashipned photo booth that people would dress up take their photos and put them right on a scrap book page that Brian and Leonora could have right after the wedding. Somebody liked my scrap book page so much, I wrote "She Roxs your Sox," that they took  mom and my photo off and put theirs on it instead. 

Brian and Leonora had glow necklaces, fun sun glasses and flip flops for everyone. The flip flops were a really good idea...since my feet hurt.

St. John's Episcopal Church in Historic Savannah (No pictures were allowed in the church.)
 Mom and Me
 The Groom's Cake had to be The Carolina Tarheel's Basketball Court of Course!!!
 Brian and Leonora
 Nana is Rockin' It
 Cutting the Wedding Cake

 Brian and his mom, Nancy
 Nancy and John, the Groom's Parents
 Nana and Neil (Dr. Bubba Victor's Leonora's uncle)
 Our Family in part:
Nancy, John, Nana, Mom, Neeny, and Sarah B.
 Dr. Banny Lesesne and Sarah B. 
(Banny is John's brother and Sarah is John's Daughter...So Brian's Uncle and Sister)
 Me...dancing with Aunt Nancy
 Leonora and Brian go to the limo while people throw white rose petals at them.
4 Generations of Elliotts


  1. I hope you have a fun trip back…Bailey
    What was the ice sculpture shaped like?...Brooke
    I want cake!...Paige
    I want to say, “Hi”…Shea
    How big was the ice sculpture?...Matthew

  2. What beautiful photos! I especially love the 4 generations of Elliotts -- very cool!

    Also, I love your dress and your mom's dress -- ruffles are the best! :)