Monday, June 6, 2011

June 3rd: Friday's Party

Today it was hot. We rode to the party with Nana. We left Neeny at the hotel sick. When we got the the house we were met at the street by a golf cart that drove us to the house. I walked walked around taking pictures of people. The party had loud music and lots of food. I only ate the tomato sandwiches. They were gooood! There was a dog there with 5 puppies that I didn't get to see. :(  The dog loved Nana (who does not like dogs) and wanted to be on her lap. The night ended with fireworks! This was cool as it was the night before Brian and Leonora's wedding and Brian's parents had fireworks the night before their wedding.

 The Vernor House was on the water. The DJ was on the dock.
 Brian and Leonora
 The Capell's came all the way from England for the wedding.
 The Lesesne Family: Nancy, Sarah, John and Brian (Nancy is Neeny's Sister)
 Nana (my great grandmother) and Brian
 Nancy and me
 Nana and me
Fireworks: the end of Friday night


  1. I like the fireworks!...Matthew
    Those fireworks look cool. Did you see one that was shaped like a smiley face?...Brooke
    You’re lucky…you already saw fireworks…and it’s only June…Makenzie
    Owww (Carson just banged his elbow on the desk)…were there any fireworks shaped like the bride or groom?...Carson
    What was there besides fireworks and tomato sandwiches?...Serhiy
    I think Carson just broke his arm (I am not sure this true since Carson is smiling and will probably play during Activity Period – which starts any minute now)….Declan

  2. Your dress was so pretty! I really like the photo of you with Nana.