Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4th: The Peacemaker

We explored this ship. It was docked in front of the restaurant we had lunch in. It was big and had many rooms. We were not allowed to see the crew quarters. They were probably messy. This ship belongs to the 12 tribes. The youth bought and refinished it. it now sails around and uses donations from visitors to fund it.

 The ramp bounced as we walked up and down it.

 The captains cabin.
this is the very top.
 Pic of mom. She's squinting because of the sun.
Captains cabin

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  1. How do you think it would be to be the captain of that ship?....Matthew
    Why was there only one big bed? Shouldn’t everyone have a big bed…or everyone have a small bed?...Shea
    You’re making me tired Shea…Declan
    How old is the Peacemaker?...Isabelle