Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, June 3rd: Vernon Hall

Friends of the Victor's hosted a party Friday night for Leonora and Brian and their out of town guests. Vernon Hall was built in 1847. The Owners bought it about 20 years ago and started renovating the property to its current glory. The front staircases are representative of southern entrances. Women would go up one side of the staircase and men would use the other. If a man looked at a woman's ankles, they could be forced to marry. It helped to have the women go up their own staircase as well because of the big bustle on the back of their skirts and the hoops.


The rest of the comments are Ashlin's:

 same bowl
 gold fish bowl w/ gold fish in it
 Little pond in garden

 Can you find all the differences?(please post)

 bird cage giant wood parrot
 fancy room
 poster in library
outside at night

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  1. The gold fish bowl was so cool…Hannah
    Where did the dogs (the statues) come from?...Isabelle
    Would you mind counting all the spider webs you saw in the library for me?...Serhiy
    How many differences are there to be found between the two statues?...Declan