Monday, June 6, 2011

Thursday, June 2nd..Rehearsal Dinner

Vic's on the River was the name of the restaurant we ate at. Vic is Leonora's great uncle we believe. The chandeliers were very old and elegant.

Brian and Leonora played a game where they would hold up their shoe if the question was about them or the other person's show if it was about the other person. For example: " Which one was a cuter baby?", "Which one had cuter friends?", "Which one was more into Carolina basketball?"...
 Mom and me on the balcony.
 Nana gave the grace before dinner.
 We don't know how old Nana's shoes were, but they did not survive the night. Time to get new ones.

 Nana, Aunt Nancy and Leonora
The Elliott and Lesesne Women
(Sarah, Fran, Nancy, Leonora, Ashlin, Sally, and Sarah)


  1. Did you actually have time to swim in the pool?...Jordan
    You are so lucky! That hotel looks soooo cool!...Makenzie
    Was the pool warm?...Paige
    How was the wedding? Did you dance?...Bailey
    Those chandeliers look really cool….I bet they looked even better in person…Brooke
    How deep was the pool?...Matthew

  2. Wow -- your poor Nana! She must have loved those shoes to have had them for so long..... :)