Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday, June 1st- Ashlin's Post

I found this really weird car named after a perfume. My mom thinks that I want this car because I said, "If only it came in teal," sarcastically.
                                            This is the full car.
                                                  Chanel (shanel) is a perfume. I think it's french.
                                                    The wheels are swirly and cool.
                                                  It has nice markings on the back.



  1. What an interesting car! I don't think I've ever seen a pink vehicle before....

  2. I know it's named after a perfume

  3. Wow, Chanel…did the car smell good???...Isabelle
    Would you really want that kind of car?...Jordan
    If you get that car, can I get a ride to school with you? I don’t want to ride the bus…Kelsea
    My dad has a car like that at his dealership – not!…Makenzie
    If you got that car, I think it would be a better choice than a ’68 or ’69 or whatever the boys said…Hannah
    I’m judging your tastes or anything, but teal doesn’t sound like your type of color…Serhiy
    Get a teal convertible!...just make sure it’s fast!!! :)…Matthew
    Do you know what kind of car that was? Those tires were cool!...Danny
    Yeah right Hannah…Jared
    Did you look inside the car?...or rub a shirt against it to get the perfume smell?...Carson
    I definitely agree with Hannah…Paige
    (This is Mr. Saber….since it’s time for lockers and activity period, I better end the posts about the right car for you. Enjoy your weekend in the South!)

  4. Isabelle-I don't know
    Jordan- No I was being sarcastic
    Kelsea- Sure
    Makenzie- funny
    Hannah- ha, yeah really
    serhiy- teal is my favorite color
    Mathew- that might help
    Danny- nope
    Jared- you should agree with Hannah
    Carson- No I was in my car
    Paige- same
    Mr. Saber- Okay will do

  5. I so agree with Ashlin. This should be in teal. :)